September 10th, 2009


Club Leader Link Box

Here's a handy entry linking to everything a Club Leader could eventually look for:

FAQ and Suggestion Box here.
The FAQ is geared more towards hh_clubs members but it's always a good read. The Suggestion and Complaint box is also here, please feel free to leave a message there. Comments are screened and honesty is approved of.

Club Leader Guide here.
The Guide has all the basic things a Club Leader needs to know, including the tagging system.

General Rules here.
The Rules are important for Members and Leaders alike.

Bonus Item Approving Post here
This is for Club Leaders who want to approve new bonus items.

Apply for a Club Minion Post here
This is for Club Leaders who need a bit of assistance due to IRL life.

Leaving Post here.
This is for Club Leaders who want to leave. It also functions as an Application Post where hh_clubs members apply to lead.

Weekly Club Leader Reminder Posts here
These are the reminders and activity sweeps for Club Leaders.

Weekly Club Members Roundups here
These are the activity reminders for Club Members. Go here to participate in other clubs! :D

If you have any other questions, please consult hh_clubsmods. This is where you'll get the quickest replies.